Privacy Policy

TB-eye Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) will handle personal information obtained in the course of our business activities in accordance with this policy in order to protect the privacy of our customers.
“Personal information,” “personal data,” and “retained personal data” in this policy refer to personal information that has been exemplified in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (Act No. 57 of 2003, hereinafter referred to as the “Personal Information Protection Act”).

1. Contents of personal information and method of acquisition

When the Company conduct our business activities or when you contact us through this website, the Company will collect personal information*, including the following items.

  • -Name, address, company name, department, title, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail address, bank account information, credit card numbers, shareholder numbers or product and service subscriber information, etc.
  • *In the case of an individual such as a sole proprietor, the Company may obtain his/her personal number (My Number information) if it is necessary to use the information for the preparation of payment records and withholding tax certificates.

2. Purpose of use

The Company will use the personal information the Company have acquired within the scope necessary to achieve the purposes listed below and will not use it for any purpose other than those listed below. If it is necessary to handle personal information for purposes other than those listed below, the Company will obtain the consent of the individual to whom the information pertains separately.

(1)Common use

  1. – To comply with laws and regulations
  2. – To exercise or protect our legal rights
  3. – To execute mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and other transactions involving our business or assets, when occur

(2)Use of personal information of users and those interested in our products and services

  1. – To provide various types of information on products and services (new products and services, new functions, functional improvements, etc.)
  2. – To provide information on seminars and events
  3. – To manage transaction information
  4. – To provide information on maintenance and servicing of products and services
  5. – To provide customer support and respond to inquiries
  6. – To ask users’ opinions about our products and services
  7. – To measure the effectiveness of marketing and customer support measures

(3)Use of personal information of our business partners

  1. – To manage business partner information
  2. – To handle necessary for contract conclusion affairs and implementation of transactions
  3. – To conduct billing and payment operations

(4)Use of IR-related personal information

  1. – To exercise rights and perform obligations under the Companies Act
  2. – To implement various investor relations (IR) measures
  3. – To conduct notification and application, etc. based on various laws and regulations
  4. – To manage shareholder affairs, such as compiling shareholder data

3.Provision to third parties

The Company will not provide personal data to third parties without obtaining the prior consent of the individual, except in the following cases

  • – In the case of sharing personal information of participants to the extent necessary with co-sponsors when holding a seminar, event and exhibition, etc., jointly with them
  • – In case of being required by law
  • – In case it be difficult to obtain the consent of the individual when it is necessary for the protection of the life, body, or property of an individual
  • – In case it be difficult to obtain the consent of the individual when the disclosure is particularly necessary to improve public health and sound development of children
  • – In case it be necessary to corporate but the hindrance to perform duties prescribed by laws and regulations for an individual or entity entrusted by either a national agency or a local government be expected if the consent of the individual is obtained


The Company may partly outsource the handling of personal data to outside parties. In the event of outsourcing, the Company will investigate the outsourcing partner and confirm the level of protection of personal data through a selection process based on internal rules, and then conclude a contract that includes the protection of confidential information. Even after the contract is concluded, the Company will audit and supervise, as necessary, the status of business operations at the outsourcing partner.

5.Joint use

The Company will share personal data within the scope of the followings with 2) joint users below only when it is necessary to do so.

  • (1)Items of personal information to be shared
    Items described in “1.Contents of personal information and method of acquisition”
  • (2)Scope of joint users
    Tokyo Boeki Group companies
  • (3)Purposes of use
    As specified in “2. Purpose of use”
  • (4)Person responsible for management
    Hideshige Tsubouchi, President and Representative Director, Tokyo Boeki Holdings Corp.

6.Security control measures

In addition to complying with all applicable laws and regulations regarding personal information held by this site, the Company take the utmost care in handling and managing personal data in an appropriate manner to prevent leakage, loss, or damage and to ensure the safe management.

(1)Establishment of basic policy / development and operation of internal rules and regulations

  • – The Company shall establish and implement regulations for each stage of acquisition, use, provision, etc. of personal data, specifying the business process, responsible persons and persons in charge, and their duties, etc.

(2)Organizational security control measures

  • – The Company shall establish the reporting and communication system to report to person in charge and the secretariat of the Risk Management Committee in the event of an incident
  • – The Company shall administer regular monitoring of the status of personal data handling by the Internal Audit Department

(3)Personal security control measures

  • – The Company shall administer training on information management, including handling of personal data
  • – The Company shall obtain confidentiality agreements from executives and employees when they enter and leave the company.
  • – The Company shall place confidentiality rules for personal data in the employment regulations.

(4)Physical security control measures

  • – The Company shall classify information according to the level of importance and store and manage it with appropriate security measures such as locking card keys, security gates, and cabinets
  • – The Company shall establish rules for the handling of equipment and electronic media used to handle personal data, and shall not lose or destroy them and prevent leakage and damage
  • – All equipment that handles personal data is password protected and encrypted.

(5)Technical security control measures

  • – The Company shall protect personal data on electronic media with access authorization and passwords.
  • – The Company shall provide security against unauthorized access from outside or unauthorized software
  • – The Company shall administer constant monitoring of personal data handling devices of executives and employees.

(6)Understanding the external environment

  • – In the event that the Company use cloud services for the handling of personal data services, and if the service provider is located or the country in which the server where the personal data is stored is not in Japan, the Company shall understand the system for the protection of personal information in the country to which the laws and regulations apply, and implement necessary and appropriate security control measures

7.Procedures for Disclosure, Correction, Suspension of Use, etc., and Filing of Complaints

The Company will respond to requests for disclosure, correction, addition, deletion of content, suspension of use, or suspension of provision of retained personal data to a third party (hereinafter referred to as “Request for Disclosure, etc.”) to the extent permitted by the Personal Information Protection Law. If you wish to make a request for disclosure, etc. or to file a complaint regarding our handling of personal information, please contact the contact listed in 10 below.

8.Revision of this Policy

This policy is subject to revision without notice in response to amendments to laws and regulations, changes in business activities, etc. Please be aware of this in advance.

9. Precautions regarding products sold by the Company

Some of the products we sell may acquire and store personal information due to their specifications. We ask our customers to manage the acquisition of information in accordance with laws and regulations, and to delete and initialize information in accordance with the product manual when disposing of or reselling the product.

10.Contact information

Please contact below to make inquiries regarding this policy.

Legal Department,
Tokyo Boeki Holdings Corp.


Revised  December 11,2023

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