Our management of our customers’ personal information and the contents of inquiries we have received is rigorously enforced.
We use the contents of inquiries we have received and our responses to our customers in order to be able to provide better products and services. We do not use this information for any other purpose.
Furthermore, we treat the personal information provided to us by our customers with respect, and do everything within our power to protect our customers’ privacy.

Purposes of Use

When a customer uses the services of TB-eye Ltd., we may ask for personal information such as the customer’s name and/or email address. However, we will only ask for information that is essential to the customer’s use of TB-eye Ltd.’s services.
The purposes for which we use personal information are roughly divided into the following three categories.

  • When a customer is downloading catalogs and/or product specification documents
  • When we receive inquiries regarding products, etc.
  • When we have received an application for a position at our company

Management of Confidential Information

With regard to the personal information that is provided to us, we operate a system that we have built for the purpose of preventing situations such as the destruction, falsification, and disclosure of said information, in a secure environment in which it cannot be accessed by any third party. We will not release, announce, disclose, distribute, or otherwise provide said information to any third party except for in the following cases.

  • We have received the customer’s consent
  • We are disclosing information in such a way that the customer’s identity cannot be determined
  • It is judged to be necessary under the law
  • We have determined that the customer is causing damage to a third party
  • It is considered to be necessary for the good of the customer or the public
  • We have received a request from a judicial or administrative body that by law entails legal obligations
  • There exists an immediate danger and/or urgent necessity relating to an individual’s safety, health, and/or property, etc.

TB-eye Ltd. may contact or provide notices or other information to its customers. However, if a customer does not wish to be contacted by us, we will respect the customer’s wishes.

Regarding revisions to this Privacy Policy

The contents of this Privacy Policy may be changed as necessary. At such times, notice will be provided on this website.