TB-eye Ltd.
Chairman & Representative Director
Sanshiro Katoh

Together with you, we will pursue best solution to the issues you may face, by responding to changes in the society and in the market.

Welcome to the web-site of TB-eye Ltd.

We express our admiration for SDGs concept, and set our goal as follows;
“We contribute to sustainable realization of safe and secured living environment, and to development of the international society through productivity improvement, by creating and providing innovative goods and services for the people in the world. At the same time, we aim to make our company being loved by all the stakeholders including our employees.”
In order to achieve this goal, we will provide most suitable solution for our customers with foresight for coming changes in the society and in the market.

Our main business field is Security, and we launched AI image analysis system “TB-eye AI Solution (TAS)” in 2018. TAS is the surveillance camera system with AI software, and it enables precise image analysis. As users can operate and manage TAS system comprehensively on the single platform, TAS is widely utilized in the various purposes such as face recognition, car number plate recognition, AI alarm by detecting of intruders and left-behind materials, and marketing -oriented information collection like people counting.

Digital income is our main product in Communication Business domain, and we earn high reputation by meeting our customer-needs and providing solutions in various fields, for example, hospitals, nursing facilities, theme parks, department stores, factories and so on.

We will receive 25th Anniversary in this coming fall, thanks to kind supports from our customers. Reaching this milestone, we established “SI Laboratory” to accelerate our activities in January, 2020. We commit ourselves to concentrate on the creation of new business fields and of new products based on this “SI Laboratory”.

All of our staffs will continue to make best efforts so that we can provide our products and services satisfactory to our customers. We would appreciate your continued support and assistance to us.

July 2020
Sanshiro Kato
Chairman of the Board of Directors