TB-eye Ltd.
Representative Director & President
Shokichi Ishimura

代表取締役社長 石村 昇吉


We at TB-eye Ltd. are committed to the realization of a safe, secure, and prosperous society through the provision of innovative products and services centered on the security business.

The core of our security business is a comprehensive security system organizer that not only sells surveillance cameras as superior equipment under the “TB-EYE” brand, but also offers a total one-stop service that includes system development, design, installation, and maintenance services.

The image content business developed through surveillance cameras has shifted from the conventional function of simply capturing and recording images to the new one, which is to process and provide the data by purpose to meet customers’ needs.

Our business fields have expanded from the sale of so-called surveillance camera hardware to that of software in which we convert the obtained information into data and provides services. Its marketability is expanding infinitely along with social changes.

We at TB-eye Ltd. carefully select the best security equipment from around the world, refine it into the “TB-EYE” brand, provide it to the market as a total service, and customize it as necessary data by using AI technology to provide solutions by purposes to cloud and edge services. By so doing, we will continue to provide safety and security to the society.