TB-eye Ltd.
Chairman & Representative Director
Sanshiro Katoh

We are here to respond to changes in society and the market, and to travel alongside you on the way to solving the problems you face.

Thank you very much for visiting the website of TB-eye Ltd.

Thanks to all of you, we will celebrate the 22nd anniversary of our founding this year. That our company, which started from scratch 22 years ago, continues to endure and grow is a blessing afforded to us by your patronage. Please allow me to express my sincere gratitude.

Meanwhile, as the Tokyo Boeki Group heads toward the 70th anniversary of its establishment, I have been entrusted with the position of President and CEO of Tokyo Boeki Group Holdings Corporation.
On this occasion, I have stepped down as President and Representative Director of TB-eye Ltd., and taken the position of Chairman and Representative Director of the company.

Wonyong Kim has succeeded me as President and Representative Director. I humbly request that you grant him your support, as you have done for me.

Under our new management structure, we have come to new resolutions, in the hope of better serving all of you.

In our core security business, these resolutions are:
1) to implement comprehensive services that are more fully-realized than ever before
2) to develop the new products that the market demands, and
3) to improve our technical capabilities, and in particular our ability to provide solutions.
We believe that we must combine and realize these three resolutions in a form that facilitates transactions that satisfy our customers.

Within the intercom business, which is a new area of business for us, we are in the process of opening up the new market of nursing homes, as an addition to our main market of amusement facilities.
This business has experienced solid growth. Along with nursing homes, we have decided to develop another new market, namely hospitals and related facilities.

As another new business venture, we have launched a project in the LED fishing light business. (Limiting heat generation serves to improve the work environment. By reducing the amount of fuel used to generate power by about 70 percent, we are able to contribute to the conservation of the global environment.) We have decided to further develop this LED fishing light venture.

With our security, intercom, and LED businesses, we believe that we can contribute to the safety and peace of mind of the public, as well as the conservation of the global environment.
In the course of doing work that enables us to contribute to the greater social good (in the security, intercom, and LED fishing light businesses), we intend to expend every effort to ensure that you are satisfied. We humbly ask that you continue to grant us your guidance.

June 2017